Mobile rankings are the results that appear for Google searches via mobile devices instead of desktop.

Google has switched to mobile-first prioritization for its search results index, making it more important than ever to monitor mobile and desktop rankings simultaneously. By monitoring both, you can better identify keyword opportunities and strategies for optimizing content to outrank competitors.

Unamo SEO provides you with the capabilities to compare both desktop and mobile rankings against your competitors.

Once enabled, you can switch between mobile, desktop, and mobile vs. desktop views from the drop-down menu in the right-hand corner.

In the Overview section, mobile data will appear in the graphs in contrast to the desktop data:

In the Rankings section, you can compare SERP links and results for both devices for each individual keyword. By monitoring SERP URLs, you can see if mobile responsive pages are affecting your overall performance in the engines. You will also know which pages require your immediate attention.

You can also compare your mobile results to your competitors' results here. 

Please note that you cannot compare devices and competitors at the same time in this view.

You can track mobile results in local search engines too. The feature is available for Google United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Canada, Austria, and Australia.

To enable Mobile Results, you can either contact our Support Team ( or add the feature to your plan from the hub Pricing and Products Section. 

As soon as it’s enabled, you can include mobile results in your campaign by editing your settings:

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