What is a Visibility Ranking?

Visibility Ranking (VR) is your position in the SERPs which takes into consideration presence of SERP Features. Such way of viewing the rankings will provide you with more accurate knowledge on  your actual visibility in the search engine results pages (SERPs).

Why is it Beneficial to Monitor Visibility Rankings?

The SERPs have transformed over the years; long gone are the pages with only organic results and simple blue links. To make the experience of their users better, Google started enriching their results with more interactive and engaging results, like map results, news, answers etc., which are called SERP Features.  Since then, many organic results started to appear below the fold and it became not anymore straightforward that first position means you're actually at the top of the SERPs.

Considering those changes, to benchmark performance and view actual progress, traditional organic rankings are simply not enough anymore. Ability to monitor Visibility Ranking, in addition to traditional one, is here to help every SEO Specialist still use rankings as their main KPI, but take into consideration all rich results that can attract potential visitors' attention; all that  to help with understanding the actual visibility of the site.

How is Visibility Ranking Calculated?

In short, Visibility Ranking is calculated by including and counting SERP features as organic ranking positions.

In the example below, the site allrecipes.com is ranking number 1 organically, but because there are two SERP features preceding it (Featured Snippet and Answer Box), its actual visibility in the SERPs drastically decreases. We are therefore taking those extra results into consideration and provide you with your Visibility Ranking, which in this instance is #3.

Now, some SERP features cannot be tracked and some constitute of a few results, instead of one, therefore the way we calculate those will differ.

SERP Features which are counted as a single position are:

  • Featured Snippet
  • Answer Box / Instant Answer
  • News / Top Stories
  • Shopping Results (left)
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Knowledge Card
  • Video
  • Featured Video
  • Image
  • In-Depth Article
  • Map Box

SERP Features which are counted as 3 positions are:

  • Local Pack
  • Local Teaser Pack

We do not count:

  • SERP features appearing in the right column of the SERPs
  • Knowledge Panel
  • Shopping Results (right) etc.
  • AdWords (excluding Shopping results (left))
  • AMP

Additionally, Sitelinks (6 Pack), Search Box and Reviews won't be taken into consideration at all as they are the traditional organic results, just enriched.

Please take a look at a few additional examples below:

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