Unamo gives you an opportunity to monitor your keywords and their rankings over time. What's more, you can also take a closer look at the performance of a single keyword and investigate what might have impacted any changes to its ranking, like sudden spikes or drops. All of this can be done via Keyword Summary.

Keyword Summary is accessible by clicking on any single keyword, e.g. in the Rankings-Keywords Section.

Once you land on this view, you have the option to navigate between Highlights and Rankings.

Highlights Section makes it easy for you to:

  • See key metrics for the keyword, like Average Ranking, Search Volume, Estimated Traffic, Results Total.

Note: Visibility Ranking and Pixel Ranking that you can see above are alternatives to traditional rankings. These features are in beta right now and are not available to everyone.

  • Investigate SERP features presence (and/or ownership) for the keyword over time
  • See all landing pages a keyword is ranking for and be able to check the history of how the highest ranking landing page has been changing over time

Rankings Section makes it easy for you to:

  • See the performance of a keyword over time (and compare it to 4 competitors of your choice)
  • See the performance of a keyword over time (and compare it to 4 keywords of your choice)
  • See on the graph when the SERP feature for a chosen keyword started being listed in the search results or/and when the highest landing page for that keyword changed

As across Unamo, the view might be viewed from  the desktop or mobile perspective (if enabled).

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