What are SERP Features?

SERP features are featured results in the search engines that differ from normal organic results. 

SERP features allow users to quickly grasp relevant information about your website and provide structured ways of data dispersal to solve user problems right there on the SERPs.

SERP features tend to provide excellent click-through-rates (CTRs) and thus drive a lot of traffic, so they are really worth optimizing and ranking for.

You can learn more about best practices of ranking for different SERP features on our blog.

Monitoring SERP Features in Unamo SEO

You can monitor majority of SERP features and see for which ones you’re ranking for (own) with Unamo SEO. 

We display the SERP Features data:

  • in the 'Features' column in the Rankings Section
  • on the SERP Features Timeline
  • in the Trends Section (premium).

Rankings Section / Features column in the Keywords Section

Within the Rankings Section, a “Features” column will show you:

  • In grey, which SERP features are present on a SERP with the keyword you’re tracking (not owned)
  • In green, for which SERP features you are actually ranking (owned).

You can see how two first SERP features from the box look like in the SERPs below:

We display for you those SERP features that appeared within first 10 pages of Google, i.e. 100 first results. 

Note: If you purchase the SERP Screenshot add-on, you'll be able to see all 100 results for the specific query, along with all present SERP features and those you are actually ranking for (own). 

SERP Features Timeline

Furthermore you can see a timeline of when your keywords were ranking as SERP features to pinpoint any increases or loss in traffic. It also helps you realize when is the time to go back to your content and make tweaks so that you can regain the SERP feature you've lost.

In this view you'll be able to see all your keywords on the one month long time line. SERP features are presented twofold:

  • Thin line - features present in the SERPs, so not owned by you
  • Thick line - features you rank for, so those you own

In the example above you can see that we've secured a featured snippet for the keyword “google rich snippets” many times in the past. We lost it, however, for 2 days on November 5, 2017. 

You can filter the timeline by:

  • Types of SERP features
  • SERP features' ownership

SERP Features Trends (add-on)

The last view in Unamo, where you can access invaluable data on the SERP features is the Trends section, which you can enable for testing by contacting our Support.

The graph shows a trend line of the features owned vs. features present over time.

The graph can be filtered by:

  • SERP Features for which we can track domain presence
  • SERP Features for which we cannot track domain presence
  • Only SERP Features which you own
  • A specific SERP Feature (for which we can track domain presence)
  • A specific SERP Feature (for which we cannot track domain presence)

When hovering over the graph which is filtered by a chosen SERP feature (here: Featured Snippet), a tooltip with the following data appears:

  • Keywords with SERP Features owned (percentage and number
  • Keywords with SERP Features available (percentage and number)
  • X appearances of SERP Features (owned) - for these keywords
  • X appearances of SERP Features (total) - for these keywords

In the example above, 

  • The user has 370 keywords in his campaign
  • 8% of the keywords (i.e. 28) are ranking for a featured snippet - congrats!; make sure it stays like that
  • 5% of the keywords (i.e. 18) are not ranking for a featured snippet - maybe they could - that’s an opportunity!
  • For these 370 keywords, 28 are owned (already mentioned above)
  • For these 370 keywords, 46  are available (owned or not owned; in total) featured snippets

Below the graph there are two types of tables you'll see:

  • List of SERP features you own (in green) and those that are available (in grey)

The view appears when you filter the view by all SERP features.

  • With which landing pages your competitor is ranking for a chosen SERP feature (in grey); and for which you are (in green)

The view appears when you filter by  a chosen SERP feature

Which SERP Features Unamo supports?

SERP Features we support and we can check if you own:

  • Featured Snippet: Paragrah
  • Featured Snippet: List
  • Featured Snippet: Table
  • Featured Snippet: Expandable
  • Featured Snippet: Video
  • Image
  • Local Pack
  • Phone (mobile)
  • Reviews / Ratings
  • Sitelinks
  • Video
  • Featured Video
  • News / Top Stories
  • Search Box
  • Map Box
  • AMP (requires enabled SERP screenshots
  • In Depth Article (requires enabled SERP screenshots

SERP Features we support but we cannot check if they link to your website:

  • Local Teaser Pack
  • Answer Box / Instant Answer
  • Breadcrumbs (requires enabled SERP screenshots
  • Knowledge Card
  • Knowledge Panel
  • Shopping 
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