The basic Unamo SEO package gives you the ability to manually add competitors so you can compare and track their rankings over time. Let’s say you don’t know who to identify as a competitor, though. Let’s say you want to track up-and-comers and those who no longer rival you in the SERPs. In all cases, you’ll want to use Unamo’s new Auto-track Competitors feature. 

First, you will need to specify a keyword overlap (%) for tracked keywords in a campaign. The percentage is up to you and is based on what you think is necessary to identify a competitor.

Considering that competitors (and their overlap percentages) change over time, we also ask you to choose how often you want the competitors’ list updated. 

Let’s say you set the keyword overlap to 25%. That means we will track competitors who rank for 25% of the keywords you’re tracking in Unamo. Let’s say that after a daily/weekly/monthly update for the competitors’ keywords the overlap drops to 24%. You will not see the competitor again until they clear the 25% overlap threshold. 

Once the add-on is purchased, you can enable it in the Campaign’s Settings:

Please note: The Auto-tracked Competitors feature works separately from manually added competitors. That means only one feature works at a time. 

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