Search volume

Search volume for keywords shows you how often a term is searched for on a monthly basis on average. Knowing a keyword’s search volume is super beneficial as it indicates whether or not a keyword is popular enough to rank for and monitor.

Once enabled, the feature is available within the Keywords Section. The example below shows you that the keyword, “how to get more views on youtube,” has a search volume of 3,600 on average in Google (US). Considering we rank number 1 for it, it brings us a lot of traffic.

You can also find search volume in the Groups Section where you track keywords separately. Each group displays search volume as a total sum so you can see how popular the keywords are in that group. 

If you also monitor mobile rankings, you can check search volume for keywords there as well.

Please note: Our search volume provider is SEMrush. 

Traffic estimations

Traffic Estimations show you an estimation of how much traffic you are getting from a keyword, based on its search volume and a fixed CTR we use in our formula. We also show you the change since yesterday which can help you better understand the impact of the drop / increase in your positions.

Considering Traffic Estimation numbers are based on our unique formula that considers both search volume and how much traffic each position on the first page of the SERPs gets on average, you will not see data for keywords that don’t have search volume. Data is also not available if your website isn't ranking in the first 100 results for the tracked keyword.

Please bear in mind that Traffic Estimations are rough estimates of the potential traffic to (or from) your site. Estimates don’t include - e.g., specifics for your industry or niche - so make sure you use it as one metric out of several that you take into consideration when creating a marketing strategy.

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