Unamo Social Media is a social media monitoring tool that allows you to find mentions on social media that feature the keywords you track in your topic.

Getting more views is all about relevance and awareness, and with our tool you can fine-tune the results that appear in your feed with ease.

By targeting specific mentions that revolve around your topic, you jump into the conversation and either:

  • Boost your credibility as an influencer by offering your expertise
  • Offering your video as a solution to their query
  • Engage users about the conversation and raise awareness for your channel or video

Here are some specific ways in which you can use Unamo Social Media Monitoring to boost awareness and views about your channel. 

1. Target Specific Mentions

When setting up your topic, you can use the asterisk* rule and slash / rule to make sure you're getting the most targeted mentions as possible. 

You can view the video on how to set up your topic utmost specificity here

By setting up your account properly, you can find specific mentions like the one below:

If i have a YouTube video on top burger places in a city or a cool recipe, I can join the conversation here and raise awareness to my video.

The mention comes from Facebook, but you can also pick up mentions from YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram in the U.S. or U.K.

2. Find Influencers

With our tool, you'll get the top influencers associated with the keywords in your topic. 

You can learn what kind of content they're posting that's been so popular and even reach out to them to try and collaborate to raise awareness about your channel. 

3. Learn More About Your Content's Readers

With Unamo SMM, you'll get actionable data on what kind of people are interested in your topic, when they're talking about it the most online, and which social media channels it's the most popular on. Th

This will enable you to further tailor your content to your specific audience to ensure that what you're giving them is what they want. 

4. Stay on Top of Trends

When huge spikes in mentions about your topic of interest occur, we'll notify you immediately so you can quickly create some content around the viral topic and get more views on subscribers to your channel. 

5. Monitor Your Competitors

Stay ahead of your competitors by monitoring mentions about their channel or topics of interest.

See how they're interacting with users and either emulate their success or capitalize on their failures. 

6. Find New Opportunities

By going through mentions on social media, you can identify certain things that people are excited or angry about and craft content around their interests. 

You can capitalize on this even further by going filtering by "comments" and either compiling the most common interests you find there or immediately jumping into the conversation to drive users to your channel. 

Getting more views on your YouTube videos takes a lot of hard work. However, with Unamo SMM, you can have your eyes and ears on the social media world to uncover new ways to raise awareness.

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