What is Twitter?

Twitter allows registered users to create personal or business accounts, share statuses, photos, videos, website links and also send messages between users.This social channel allows users to find out in real time what’s happening in a specific city, state, country or in the world in general. 

Twitter is one of the most active social networks worldwide with 317 million monthly active users on average for June 2016. Twitter is available in more than 40 languages and the main feature of the platform is to get almost instant information about music, sports, politics, influencers, news or just everyday moments.

Among the main features that registered Twitter users enjoy everyday are:

  • Sharing their status (known as tweets)
  • Sharing photos and links
  • Creating and using Hashtags
  • Chatting between individuals and businesses (they need to follow to each other)
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Live streaming via Periscope
  • Watching videos
  • Creating polls

Why is it important to monitor Twitter Activity?

Twitter is a social network that delivers information almost in real time. Thanks to millions of worldwide users that share information every second, it is possible to get information just few minutes what’s happening in Poland while you are located in Mexico, for example.

If you are a user that just wants to get direct and fast information about breaking news, tech-product releases, results of a football match, or follow famous Hollywood actors, Twitter is the main social channel you are looking for. If you are a business, it's easy to understand the power of this social network and the benefits of taking advantage of it.

Monitoring Twitter for your business is necessary, mainly because almost all the main brands in the market and influencers are on this social network. In 2014, for example, more than 66% of all public brand mentions on social media happened on Twitter.

Number of Worldwide Twitter Users:

Source: Statista

Get Valuable Insights from Twitter

If you are monitoring Twitter correctly you can gain valuable information such as:

  • A brand’s reputation
  • Influencers on your market
  • Competitor activity
  • Get invaluable feedback
  • Industry analysis 
  • Crisis management
  • Relevant topics to your brand
  • Local or international trends
  • Engagement and reach

If your business is monitoring and listening Twitter activity you can find out what your current and future customers are saying about you or your competitors. You might discover new product opportunities just by monitoring consumer interactions. 

Twitter’s users expect that if they post something about a certain brand or product, the company will respond to this message. If this is done correctly, your business' online reputation and brand awareness may increase over time. More than 80% of social customer service requests happen on this social channel. However, only 20% of those requests are responded by businesses. Here, your business has a huge market opportunity to showcase your brand's customer service skills.

One of the most common phrases nowadays associated with Twitter is the term ‘Tweet’ or ‘ To Tweet something’. A tweet is simply a written post in Twitter, which has a maximum 140 characters. There are more than 500 million Tweets posted per day. 

Monitoring Twitter goes beyond tracking your mentions. You should interact with the people or businesses that are talking about your brand and get involved in the discussion. You can also protect your brand in case some user of your product or service had a bad experience and is giving bad reviews about it. Your business should pay attention to those negative mentions and act almost immediately to show that you are concerned about your customers.

By monitoring Twitter as a business you will improve in areas such as customer service and marketing. You can also detect influencers, who are people that are experts in a certain field and have a lot of followers and a good reputation among their followers.

How Do I Monitor Twitter Activity?

In general there are two ways to monitor the activity on Twitter. First, you can use Twitter itself to monitor all the mentions, tweets and interactions that are being shared around the world. The second way is to use a social media monitoring tool like Unamo Social Media in order to gather all that information and have the most valuable data for your business in one platform.

Monitoring Social Activity Within Twitter

Every user in Twitter has the possibility to collect relevant information about their account performance such as:

  • Tweet impressions
  • Profile visits
  • Mentions
  • Top Tweets
  • Engagement
  • Demographics about their followers

To access to this data you just need to go to Twitter Analytics and login with your regular Twitter account. On this page you will be able to see main sections: Home,Tweets, Audiences and events.

Source: Twitter Analytics

The ‘Home Section’ is just a quick overview about your Twitter account and you will be able to see a summary of the last 28 days. You will see your most engaging tweet, the main follower you gained and the total number of Tweet impressions.

The ‘Tweets section’ is the section that has the most valuable data for your business. You can see a graph by default of the last 28 days and see exactly how many organic impressions and number of tweets you had per day. You can also easily adjust this number to analyze your account performance over the last 3 months, for example. You can also be able to see which were your top tweets, replies and promotional content (in case you use Twitter Advertisements).

Source: Twitter Analytics

The ‘Tweets section’ gives you detailed information about the main interests of your audience. You can also easily check which are the most relevant tweets for them and share more related content about it. Your goal is to keep your audience engaged with the content you are sharing.

With Twitter Analytics you can also gather demographic information about the people that are following you like their gender, interests, country and region. This might be very useful for your business if, for example, 80% of your followers are based in Poland and their main interest is Politics, you can create and share content that is relevant to that topic. 

Source: Twitter Analytics

Twitter Analytics is a great free tool to monitor and get a quick overview of your account; however, it has limitations mainly because you will not be able to see all the information that is shared on the platform, which could prove risky as you may lose future opportunities with your target audience. 

Monitor Social Activity Using a Social Media Monitoring Tool 

Monitoring Twitter by using a Social Media Monitoring Tool, such as Unamo Social Media, might be really helpful and convenient for your business. The main reason is because you will have the most relevant information for your business on one platform, which may save you a lot of time and resources in terms of gathering the data.

The main objective of those monitoring tools on Twitter is to listen, compare, monitor, record and track all the tweets, keywords, hashtags, breaking news, trends or any other kind of information that is being shared on this platform.

Source: Unamo Social

With Unamo Social Media, you can monitor and filter those tweets that are most crucial for you, including:

  • Total number of tweets
  • Influencers
  • Demographic data
  • Keywords rankings
  • Time of day when people talk most about a specific brand
  • Historical Data
  • Mentions
  • Interactions

With Unamo Social you can evaluate your own performance, but also spy on the performance of your competitors.  By utilizing this information you can increase your social media presence, identify trends and recognize future business opportunities.

Most of the accounts on Twitter are public, but some users decide to make their account private, which is a problem for all the social media monitoring tools; because the information that is shared by private users is not accessible for those tools and you will not be able to see it.

Monitoring Twitter is extremely important for your business so it's extremely important not to ignore this channel and to start discovering what people are saying about you! Try Unamo Social now

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