When adding keywords to your Unamo SEO Campaign, you’ll have the option to upload them via CSV.

This is especially recommended when uploading keywords in large quantities. Using a CSV to upload your keywords will help you with the following:

  • Uploading a large amount of keywords quickly
  • Putting these keywords into groups so that once they’re uploaded, they will automatically appear in the groups you specified. 
  • Selecting the Region(s) that you want your keywords tracked in

So, let’s go through each step on how to correctly upload your CSV to your Unamo SEO Campaign. 

Adding Your Keywords

Begin by adding the keywords you want to track in Column A of your Excel file. 

For our example, we’ll use a range of different keywords to exemplify how to use them with groups in the next step.

If you’re only adding keywords and do not want them to be placed with any Groups or Regions, you can stop here and upload your CSV. 

Adding Keywords to Groups

Groups are a way for you to see the average ranking for a specific group of keywords rather than the averages for ALL of your keywords. 

If you want to add Keywords to Groups, then you’ll need to specify the Group in Column B. 

If you have a certain keyword that you want in different groups, please duplicate that keyword in multiple rows in Column A, making sure that it shares the same row as the desired Group in Column B. 

Since we want a few different keywords in different Groups, we have entered the keyword multiple times in Column A, with the different Groups we want them to be in in Column B. 

This is especially helpful when you want to Group certain Keywords for locations, types of products, different niches, etc. 

The end result will have your keywords put into their correct groups in your Campaign. 

If you do not want to track multiple regions in your campaign, then you can stop here and return to the platform to upload your CSV. 

Adding Keywords to a Group From the Group Section

If you are already in the Groups section and want to add Keywords to a Group, you can do the following:

  1. Click on the Group you want to add keywords to
  2. Hit the keywords tab Under the Group name at the top
  3. Hit "Add Keywords"
  4. Then submit your CSV with just the keywords in Column A. Since you're already adding the from a specific group, they will automatically be put in that group once the upload is complete, so you don't need to specify the group name in Column B.

Adding Regions to Your Groups and Keywords

You can track keywords in multiple Regions of a country in your campaign. 

⚠️ Please note: Multiple Regions within the same campaign can be added for Google Search Engine only!

This way, you can see how your keywords are ranking in different Local search engines. 

To set regions in your CSV, please add your preferred Regions of your selected country search engine into Column C. They should be formatted as City, State/Province. 

Example: Los Angeles, California

You can add multiple Regions to your CSV with multiple Groups and Keywords as it appears below.

For the keyword “Apple”, we have it appearing in 3 rows, and the Group “Fruit” appearing in 3 rows because we want to track this keyword in 3 different Regions (Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Chicago).

Thus we duplicate the Keyword and Group 3 times, but with the different Regions in Column C. 

By doing this, our Keyword “Apple” will be tracked in 3 different Local search engines within the “Fruit” Group. 

Adding a Group multiple times will not duplicate the Group in your Campaign, it will simply ensure that your keyword is tracked in that group in the different Regions you have chosen.

Adding Keywords With Just Regions

If you would like to add Keywords without Groups and only Regions, you can simply add the keywords in Column A and the Regions in Column C.

You will need to duplicate the keyword in multiple rows if you want to track the same keyword in different locations. 

CSV with regions list

You need to prepare your Multiregional CSV with the exact naming supported by UNAMO. You can download this list straight from the app.

  1. Click  "ADD KEYWORDS" and open a dialog
  2. Click the 💡 bulb icon and go to step 3/3 (Setting Regions)
  3. Locate downloadable "regions index" on the bottom

Should you have any further questions, please reach us at support@unamo.com

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