What are Ecommerce Keywords for Social Media Monitoring?

When beginning your social media monitoring campaign, picking the right keywords for your company is essential. If you're an Ecommerce company and looking to acquire new customers through social media, you will want to look at using different types of commercial intent keywords for social media to begin monitoring and reacting to potential customers online.

Social media users will begin using product or informational intent keywords on their social media accounts. These keywords will be show that the social media user is planning on buying or if they're looking for advice on what they need to buy.  

To acquire new customers, you must try to find out which words they use when seeking advice online. Traditionally, Purchase Intent Keywords are used with Search Engine Optimization, but the way people search search engines and ask for advice on social media are different.

When people are looking to advice on something, they use words expressing that:

  • Want
  • Need
  • Looking for
  • Help
  • Recommend

These mentions are not always worded in a way where they are explicitly looking for a response, especially when the user just is stating that they need to buy something; but, what is amazing about this is that you can still suggest your business to them and, if you want, incentivize your product for them! 

Why monitor purchase intent keywords in social media?

Finding and acquiring new customers can be challenging when you have a new online shop. You may have all the goods ready to be sold, but you lack the online visibility in the search engines which inhibits people from finding your shop and purchasing from you. The only solution is that you need to find people who can benefit from your product, and engage with them!

Using Broad Keywords for Social Media Monitoring & Ecommerce

If you own an Ecommerce shop selling televisions, and want to gather mentions every time someone mentions the keyword "TV," you will be overwhelmed. Some keywords are mentioned so frequently on social media that it is impossible to keep up with all the data.

You need to tailor down the results that a social media monitoring tool will bring you and decide on the keywords that will bring you closer to the results which you are looking for. Being an Ecommerce shop and looking to acquire customers, you are looking for the most actionable keywords.

To begin narrowing down the results, you can look at geo-based keywords, purchase intent keywords, or the type of products which you sell. However, with an Ecommerce shop, usually the latter two are most important.

Ecommerce Social Media Keywords & Geo-Location 

Ecommerce can also tie you down to a specific location when acquiring customers, due to shipping to only certain regions or being able to cater to only a specific country. Luckily, with Unamo Social Media Monitoring, you will be able to narrow down your results to one country, allowing you to connect with users that will benefit from your business.

For instance, if you sell "Fancy Dresses," you would not want to monitor the keyword "Fancy Dress" in the UK because it refers to a costume party. 

However, if you do ship or tailor your business to a specific region of a country, you can add those keywords in to be " related required keywords." A reated required keyword is a keyword must show up with the main keyword which is your broad topic.

For example, if you own a costume shop and you cater mostly to the East Coast of the US, you can make your main keyword "Costume" and related required keywords "Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, etc." Using this method, any mention must have the keyword costume and at least one of the related required keywords.

Commercial Intent Words for Social Media

To acquire new customers, you must try to find out which words they use when seeking advice online. Traditionally, the way people search search engines and ask for advice on social media are different.  On social media, people tend to use language which are statements about their experience or their desire to purchase something. This gives you the perfect opportunity to reach out and show them you are their solution.

Use Social Media Monitoring to Acquire New Customers as an Ecommerce Business

Attracting new clientele is your top priority as a business; however, as an Ecommerce business, it is easy to get drowned out by the hundreds of other similar like businesses. So, the solution is easy: be unique with your online presence! Find your voice and stick with it. Engage with people talking about the types products that you sell, even if they do not mention your business directly. Create brand awareness, gather a following of customers, and become an industry leader. 

Setting Up Keywords in a Social Media Monitoring Tool

When setting up keywords, you need to have a main keyword and the related required keywords. The main keyword is the word which must appear in every mention, and at least one of the related keywords must appear with the main keyword. Then, you should set up globally required keywords which must show up somewhere in the mention with the main keyword and required keyword.

To explain the set up a social media monitoring account, we will use a basic example of an Ecommerce store selling and delivering flowers inside the UK. Their business is small and they're looking to acquire new customers. They realize that most of their customers buy flowers for special occasions, so they've decided to use social media monitoring to reach out to customers looking for flowers for these occasions. 

They will first begin by setting up their keywords in a social media monitoring tool (like Unamo Social Media).

Their main keyword would be: flower*

  • The main keyword is a word that must be present in any mention the social media monitor tool gathers
  •  The asterisk, or *, means that the social media monitoring tool will gather any variants of the word, including flowers

However, monitoring only the keyword "flower*" will get all types of responses, not just those looking for flower delivery. Therefore, the flower shop will want to narrow down the results with some required keywords.

The required keywords could be: deliver*, order*

Once the shop has set up the main and required keyword, they can begin to get results. Here are a few results which have been gathered:

Both of these posts include exactly what you wrote, your main keyword "flower*" and a related required keyword "deliver*." However, both do not get you closer your goal of finding customers to reach out to and promote your product.

That is why you now must also include globally required keywords like:

  • Get
  • Deliver* 
  • Want
  • Need
  • Buy
  • Where to

By including keywords like this, you will get results like this:

With each one of these tweets, you can respond letting them know of your service and, if you feel inclined, you can offer them a small incentive to order from your company.

Tips and Tricks with Social Media Marketing and Ecommerce

 Having an Ecommerce site is not always easy and getting brand recognition can sometimes feel overwhelming. However, making sure that you target the right people and focus on the right keywords can increase your brand awareness and help your bottom line. 

When using social media marketing, pick a tool that lets you hone in on a user's location and let's you pick different types of keywords to ensure that you get the best results. 

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