In order to start monitoring the internet in an effective way, you need to set up keywords that will bring you the most tailored and accurate mentions. Depending on your goals, the way that you will adjust the search will be different. The general rule on how to add keywords in Unamo Social is, however, the same. Let us guide you through the basics.

Types of keywords in Unamo Social

There are three types of keywords in Unamo:

  • Main Keyword - Any mentions gathered must contain this keyword.
  • Required keywords - Any mentions gathered will have to contain at least of these words.
  • Globally Required - Any mentions gathered will contain any of these words, and it must contain any required and the main keyword.
  • Excluded - Any mentions gathered will not contain any of the following words.


Let's say you own an online dress shop and you carry a variety of different dresses. It's the holiday season and you want to promote your dresses for Thanksgiving, Christmas and  New Year's Eve. Therefore, you can make a marketing campaign with these keywords:

Main keyword: Dress

Required keywords: "New year," "NYE," "Christmas," "Easter," "Prom"

Globally Required:  "Where" "Want" "Buy" "Need" "Looking" "Find"

By using these keywords, you will want to find anyone talking about a dress for those specific occasions and expressing the need to buy or find one. 

You will get results like this: 

With results like these, you can begin responding and letting these people know exactly where they can buy a dress that will satisfy their needs from your shop! It's a win-win!

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